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22 October 2019 - 25 October 2019
Accra, Ghana
ECOWAS Sustainable Energy Forum 2019

ESEF2019 will feature an exhibition for organizations looking to showcase their products and services. The exhibition is open to all actors across the sustainable energy value chain (manufacturers, EPC contractors, financing institutions, distributors, suppliers, project developers, etc.). Moreover, Member states will for the first-time have the opportunity to present their priority energy projects to potential donors and investors.

ESEF is a vehicle for collaboration and transformative progress towards the energy targets of the ECOWAS region and the exhibition and B2B sessions will demonstrate the potential of the region.

The selection of a category of Exhibition booth from the below would determine the location and positioning of the booth. During the conference, delegates/participants are expected to visit all the exhibition booths to get an insight of their products and services.  





EUR 3,911 

4 x 4 m

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EUR 2,465

4 x 3 m

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EUR 1,440

3 x 2 m

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Additional benefits:

  • Customization of the Exhibition booth to Brand Standard allowed with due consultation with the ECREEE committee.
  • Access to sectorial-related networking sections and other conference networking receptions.
  • Brand logo included in conference print and digital campaigns including ECREEE Journal and other media outputs.
  • Provision of area for Exhibition booth based on category selected above.
  • Promotion via ECREEE/ESEF social media outlets.
  • Timely display feature on the Live stream video Displays.

Please note that all the above benefits are still subject to the category of Exhibition booth purchased.





EUR 27,095

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EUR 18,064

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EUR 9,032

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EUR 4,516

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Closed since 23 October 2019


Accra, Ghana

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Participants 166
Meetings 111


Austria 6
Bangladesh 1
Belgium 6
Benin 9
Burkina Faso 9
Canada 1
Cape Verde 23
China 5
Côte d'Ivoire 10
Egypt 1
France 9
Gambia 3
Germany 3
Ghana 111
Guinea-bissau 2
Italy 5
Kenya 4
Liberia 3
Luxembourg 2
Mali 7
Netherlands 4
Niger 3
Nigeria 37
Norway 1
Rwanda 2
Senegal 15
Sierra Leone 9
Spain 3
Switzerland 2
Togo 5
Tonga 1
Turkey 1
Uganda 1
United Arab Emirates 4
United Kingdom 5
United States 10
Zambia 1
Zimbabwe 1
Total 325


Academia/Research 10
Association 11
Consultancy 41
Development Bank 6
Development Organisation 33
Electric Cooperative 8
Government/Public Sector 72
Industry 24
Investor/Finance 17
NGO 21
SME 23
Start-Up 13
Other 20
Total 299